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Who we are


1. It is widely thought that the internet has become an entirely commercial entity, partly because all the services offered charge users through the nose. The other reason is because advertising is all over the net today and annoys people beyond belief;

2. The lack of local community resources on the internet. And so, in a couple of clicks, you are now able to sell your guitar, find a Spanish lesson locally, advertise a service, debate on a broad range of services or simply plan a Saturday night out to a gig!

Our Philosophy

Catering for the needs of today's life, in your county, your town and your region. Whether you need to find a baby sitter or a heavy metal concert, Vivastreet is here to help;

Allowing everyone to express themselves, without censorship or discrimination whilst allowing users to act as moderators for the good of the community;

User-friendly (results in 2 clicks), fast and efficient;


The Team

Free Classifieds in the UK

Our team is very small at the moment but nethertheless extremely motivated. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this version of Vivastreet and we hope it was worth it and helps you in every aspect of your daily life.

First of all we have Yannick, the brains, without which none of this would have been possible. He was the one who came up with this revolutionary project: "The idea was to develop a site which was would incorporate several great initiatives which were already working in the USA and which we decided to design specifically for the UK. We probably won't make much money but I am convinced it is a great idea!"

Then we have Virginie, who Yannick sometimes calls "my sister". Virginie is responsible for a French flatshare site called Appartager.Fr and is a partner in VivaStreet.

Alexis is the product mastermind of the whole operation. He is in charge of technical implementations on other sites and concentrates on the product and its evolutions as well as the viral marketing efforts.

When Jeremie is not fishing playing his guitar seems to keep him happy. Between the two, he is our search engine expert and a marketing genius.

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