CicakMan 2

The Cicak Man
Directed by Yusry
Produced by Johan Lucas
Starring Saiful Apek
Fasha Sandha
Aznil Hj Nawawi
Yasmin Hani
AC Mizal
Adlin Aman Ramlie
Music by Edry Abd Halim
Distributed by KRU Films
Release date(s) December 7, 2006
Running time 107 min
Country Malaysia
Language Malay
Budget RM1.7 million (USD 492,394.80)
Gross revenue RM6.7 million (USD 1,940,614.80)[1]
Followed by Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam

Cicak Man (pronounced [tɕɪtɕak mæn], chee'-chuck man) is a 2006 Malaysian comedy-superhero film. It is the first Malaysian film of this genre, and features almost 40% CGI footage. The film was directed by KRU member Yusry and starred comedian Saiful Apek. The name "Cicak-Man" literally translates to "Gecko-Man".

A sequel, Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam has been released on 11 December 2008 in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The original announced release is in the end of 2007.

CicakMan 2 Trailer


* Saiful Apek as Hairi Yatim/Cicakman
* Yusry Kru as Dannial Johan
* Aznil Nawawi as Professor Klon
* Fasha Sandha as Tania Ashraf
* Yasmin Hani as Nadia
* Adlin Aman Ramlie as Ginger 1
* AC Mizal as Ginger 2

Soundtrack listing

1. The Times - Cicakman
2. Spider - Telinga ke Tulang
3. Pretty Ugly - Diari Seorang Lelaki
4. Ezlynn - Menunggumu
5. Aznil Nawawi - Profesor Klon
6. Yusry - Jika Ku Tak Bangun Esok Pagi
7. Dr. Kronik - Bukan Ilusi
8. Syuga - Dialah Aku

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Capricorn One

Capricorn One is a 1978 thriller movie about a Mars landing hoax. It was written and directed by Peter Hyams and produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company for Warner Bros.

Although thematically Capricorn One is a typical 1970s government-conspiracy thriller with similarities to Hyams's subsequent film Outland, the story was inspired by allegations that the Apollo Moon landings were a hoax.


The setting is the late 1970s, and the first manned mission to Mars is on the launch pad ready to launch. NASA authorities (Hal Holbrook) realize that a faulty life support system has doomed any chance of a successful flight, so for political and financial purposes they decide to fake the landing rather than cancel the mission.

Minutes before launch, the bewildered crew (played by James Brolin, Sam Waterston, and O. J. Simpson) are removed from the capsule and flown to an old abandoned United States Army Air Corps base deep within the desert. The televised launch proceeds on schedule, but the public is unaware that the spacecraft (Capricorn One) does not have a crew.

At the remote base, the astronauts are informed they will fake the television footage from Mars and it is their patriotic duty to participate. Initially they refuse, but authorities imply their careers and the lives of their families are at stake if they do not cooperate.

The astronauts remain in captivity for a period of several months and are filmed "landing on Mars" within a studio located at the base. The conspiracy is known to only a select few NASA officials, but alert technician Elliot Whittier (Robert Walden) stumbles across something absurdly impossible. The television transmissions are arriving ahead of the spacecraft telemetry. He speaks to a journalist friend Robert Caulfield (Elliott Gould) about his concerns.

When Whittier mysteriously disappears, Caulfield becomes suspicious and begins investigating the Mars mission, resulting in several attempts upon his life. Meanwhile back at the abandoned military base, the astronauts begin to suspect that if the conspiracy is to be successful, they will eventually have to be eliminated. The astronauts' suspicions become reality when their empty capsule burns up during reentry. The captive astronauts immediately stage a daring escape and attempt to evade military forces in order to expose the conspiracy. Stranded in the desert, they try to make their way back to civilization while being pursued by a pair of "black helicopters."

In the end, Colonel Brubaker (James Brolin) is the only crew member to avoid capture, while Willis and Walker were captured and presumably murdered. Caulfield's investigation leads him to the desert, where he finds the military base and the set, and with the help of a cropduster pilot (Telly Savalas), he manages to rescue Brubaker before the men in the helicopters can capture him.

The film ends with Caulfield bringing Brubaker to the astronauts' memorial service, exposing the conspiracy in dramatic fashion in front of hundreds of witnesses.


* Elliott Gould ... Robert Caulfield
* James Brolin ... Colonel Charles Brubaker, USAF
* Sam Waterston ... Lieutenant Colonel Peter Willis, USAF
* O. J. Simpson ... Commander John Walker, USN
* Hal Holbrook ... Dr. James Kelloway
* Brenda Vaccaro ... Mrs. Brubaker
* Karen Black ... Julie Drinkwater
* David Doyle ... Walter Loughlin
* Robert Walden ... Elliot Whittier
* Telly Savalas ... Albain


* The main actors are Barbra Streisand's ex-husband Elliott Gould and her future husband James Brolin.
* The helicopters in the film were OH-6 Cayuse.
* In the Friends episode "The One Where Ross Can't Flirt", Joey's grandmother refers to Capricorn One. Elliot Gould, who stars in Capricorn One, also appears in Friends as Jack Gellar, Ross and Monica's father.
* Both Capricorn One and Outland (also by Hyams) feature a nefarious corporation called "Con Amalgamate".
* Capricorn One's footage was later reused in the TV shows The A-Team (in the episode "The Battle of Bel-Air") and in Airwolf (in the episodes "Bite of the Jackal", "Echoes from the Past" and "Santini's Millions"). Capricorn One stunt pilot David Jones later flew the Airwolf helicopter as one of the stunt pilots for the show, and the location of the OH-6 chase scene would also appear in the Airwolf pilot episode "Shadow of the Hawke".

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Sky Fighters - France Movie

This well-executed French production follows crack jet pilots "Walk'n" Marchelli and "Fahrenheit" Vallois as they fight terrorists with aplomb, including spectacular air footage and exciting action throughout. The pair take to the skies to take out a Mirage 2000 that's been highjacked, but this is only the beginning. A beautiful secret agent turns out not to have their best interests in mind, and eventually the two are running from both their enemies and their so-called allies.

Sky Fighters Movie Trailer

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A Mirage 2000-5F of the French Air Force
Role Multirole fighter aircraft
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
First flight 10 March 1978
Introduced June 1984
Primary users French Air Force
Indian Air Force
United Arab Emirates Air Force
Republic of China Air Force
Number built 611
Unit cost US$23 million
Developed from Dassault Mirage III
Variants Dassault Mirage 2000N/2000D
Dassault Mirage 4000


The Avion de Combat Futur (ACF) (French: "Future combat aircraft") was developed for the French Air Force in the early 1970s. After the ACF was canceled on 18 December 1975 due to its growing cost and complexity, Dassault offered the Mirage 2000 as an alternative. This was a return to the first generation Mirages, but with several important innovations that tried to solve their shortcomings. Project chiefs were B.C. Valliéres, J.Cabrière, J.C. Veber and B.Revellin-Falcoz[1].

Development of this small aircraft would also give the company a competitor to the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, which had defeated the Dassault Mirage F1 in a contest for a new fighter for the air forces of Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway. Small single-engined fighters were clearly the most appreciated by foreign customers, as experience with the larger, twin-engined Mirage 4000 would show.

The prototype made its first flight in 10 March 1978 with test pilot Jean Coreau at the controls. Despite the new technologies applied, basing the new aircraft on the Mirage III allowed the development of a flyable prototype in only 27 months from the program start to the first flight, even if active service status needed another six years.

In that summer, at the Farnbourgh airshow, this machine displayed not only excellent handling capabilities, but also a full control at 204 km/h and 26 Angle of Attack. This was totally unexpected in a delta-wing fighter, and proof how CCD controls were capable of overcoming the delta wing shortcomings related to poor low-speed control, while retaining the advantages, such as low-drag, low RCS, ideal high speed aerodynamics and simplicity, provided by the absence of horizontal tail surfaces.[citation needed] The Mirage 2000 was one of the stars of that airshow and became the direct adversary for the F-16, which shared the CCD control and relaxed stability[2]. The 02 Prototype followed in 18 September 1978 and 03 in 26 September 1979. After 400 hours of flight, they were sent to CEV (Centre Experimental du Vol). The 04 Prototype was a demonstrator made by Dassault for its own purposes, and finally the first dual-seat M.2000B flew in 11 October 1980.

The first production example flew on 20 November, 1982 and the aircraft went into operational service in 1984. They were practically pre-production aircraft, because they had no SARH missiles (RDM-1 radar) and the first model of SNECMA 'Super Atar'. M-53-2. The last Mirage 2000 was delivered on 23 November 2007.[3]

The Mirage 2000 is scheduled to be replaced in French service by the Dassault Rafale, which became operational with the French Air Force on 27 June 2006. The Mirage 2000 production line was shut down in November 2007 after the last aircraft had been delivered to the Hellenic Air Force.

[edit] Design

Using the concept of the delta wing interceptor seen on the Dassault Mirage III, Dassault built a new fighter jet design. This configuration is not ideal with regard to maneuverability, low-altitude flight, and distance required for take-off and landing, but has advantages in high-speed flight characteristics, simplicity of construction, low radar signature and internal volume.

[edit] Features
French Mirage 2000C fully armed.

* Low-set thin delta wing with cambered section, 58 degrees leading-edge sweep (4 at the exit wing border) and moderately blended root; area-ruled; two small canard wings, fixed, placed just behind the air intakes. The flight commands on the wing are: four elevons (+15/-30°), four slats, four airbrakes (2 above and 2 below each wing.)
* Parachute brake is on the tail, just above the engine exhaust.
* The aircraft's neutral point was moved in front of its center of gravity, giving the fighter a degree of instability that enhances maneuverability.
* A runway arresting hook or fairing for a brake parachute can be fitted under the tail. The landing roll was reduced by robust carbon brakes. The backward-retracting, steerable nose gear features dual wheels, while the main gear features single wheels and retracts inward into the wings.
* An airbrake is fitted on top and below each wing in an arrangement very similar to that of the Mirage III. A noticeably taller tailfin allows the pilot to retain control at higher angles of attack, assisted by small strakes mounted along each air intake.
* First fighter jet with negative static stability. [4]

[edit] Structure

Multi-spar metal wing; elevons have carbon-fiber skins with AG5 light alloy honeycomb cores; carbon-fiber/light alloy honeycomb panel covers avionics bay; most of the tailfin and all of the rudder are skinned with boron/epoxy/carbon; the rudder has a light alloy honeycomb core.
Dassault Mirage 2000C at Paris Air Show 2007

[edit] Flight control system

The aircraft has a redundant fly-by-wire automatic flight control system, providing a high degree of agility and easier handling, together with stability and precise control in all situations. Fighter's Airframe is naturally unstable, and so it is coupled with FBW commands to obtain the best agility; however, in override mode it is still possible to exceed a 270 deg/sec roll rate and allows the aircraft to reach 11 g (within the 12 g structural limit), instead of nine when engaged. The system is reliable with no known losses due to its failure.

[edit] Landing gear

The aircraft uses a retractable tricycle type landing gear by Messier-Bugatti, with twin nosewheels and a single wheel on each main gear. Hydraulic retraction, nosewheels rearward, main units inward. Oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers. Electrohydraulic nosewheel steering (+/-45 degrees). Manual disconnect permits the nosewheel unit to caster through 360 degrees for ground towing.

[edit] Cockpit

The fighter is available as a single-seat or two-seat multi-role fighter. The pilot flies the aircraft by means of a centre stick and left hand throttles, with both incorporating hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) controls. The pilot sits on a SEMB Mark 10 zero-zero ejection seat (a license-built version of the British Martin-Baker Mark 10). Unlike in the F-16, the pilot sits in a conventional position, without the steep backward slope of the F-16 seat. The cockpit is quite small, and there is no bubble canopy. Despite this, the cockpit visibility is quite good, but less than the F-16, especially in the 'six o'clock' (rearwards-looking) position.

The instrument panel (in the Mirage 2000 C) is dominated by a Heads Up Display (HUD) with the VMC 180 radar screen located centrally below it. To the lower left is a stores management panel, above which are the navigation instruments and altimeter. The right half of the instrument panel accommodates the engine and systems displays. Located on the left side of the cockpit, just ahead of the throttle, are controls for the communications equipment, including the Have Quick secure radio.

[edit] Avionics

Standard avionics for the Mirage-2000B/C include:

* Sagem ULISS 52 inertial navigation system (INS), TRT radio altimeter.
* Sextant TMV-980 data display system (VE-130 head-up and VMC-180 head-down) (two head-down in 2000N/D). The combined head-up/head-level display is collimated at infinity, and presents data relating to flight control, navigation, target engagement and weapon firing. Sensor and system management data is presented on two colored lateral displays.
* Dassault Electronique Type 2084 central digital computer, Digibus digital databus (2084 XR in 2000D) and Sextant Avionique Type 90 air data computer.
* LMT NRAI-7A IFF transponder, IO-300-A marker beacon receiver, TRT ERA 7000 V/UHF com transceiver, TRT ERA 7200 UHF or EAS secure voice communications.

[edit] Radar

* Thomson-CSF RDM multi-mode radar or Dassault Electronique/Thomson-CSF RDI pulse-Doppler radar for the Mirage 2000C/D, each with an operating range of 54 nm (100 km / 62 miles). This unit was an evolution of Cyrano radars, with more modern processing units and look-down/shoot-down capabilities. The effective range is around 60-70 km with modest capabilities against low-level targets. It is linked with Super R.530F missiles, and equipped the first 37 aircraft delivered to the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) and most exported Mirages. It has multirole capabilities that enable its use in air-to-surface tasks, including anti-ship roles. The very early RDM were still not linked with the Super R.530F missiles, but it was solved quickly.

* RDI interception radar. A specialized radar for air-to-air tasks delivered mainly with the Mirage 2000C for the Armée de l'Air. It has a much improved range of about 150 km, and is linked to Super R.530D missiles; much improved compared to the "F". Look-down/shoot-down capabilities are much improved as well, but this radar is not usually used for air-to-surface roles.

* Dassault/Thales Antelope 5 Radar with terrain avoidance capability for Mirage 2000N Nuclear Strike variant.

* The Thales multimode RDY (Radar Doppler Multitarget) developed for the Mirage 2000-5. Third generation radar, with multiple target capabilities (comparable to the AWG-9) and MICA missiles. This radar equipped many of the most recently exported M.2000s, as-well as the first Mirage 2000RDM updated to 2000-5 standard.

[edit] Countermeasures

* Thales Serval Radar warning receiver (RWR) with antennas on the wingtips and on the rear of the top of the tailfin.
* Dassault Sabre RF jammer in a pod below the bottom of the tailfin, with an antenna in a fairing on the front of the tailfin.
* Dassault Éclair dispenser system under the tail. This was eventually replaced by a pair of Matra Spirale dispensers, one fitted on an extension behind the rear of each wingroot, giving a total capacity of 224 cartridges.

[edit] Engines

The Mirage 2000 is equipped with a SNECMA M53-5 (first 37 airplanes), or SNECMA M53-P2 low-bypass ratio turbofan engine, depending on the aircraft version, which provides 64 kN of thrust dry and 98 kN in afterburner. The air intakes are fitted with an adjustable half-cone-shaped centerbody, which provides an inclined shock of air pressure for highly efficient air intake. Total internal fuel capacity is 3,978 litres in the Mirage 2000C and E, and 3,904 litres in the Mirage 2000B, N, D and S. There are also provisions for a jettisonable 1,300-litre centerline fuselage fuel tank and for a 1,700-litre drop tank under each wing.

[edit] Armament and payload

The Mirage 2000 can carry up to 6.3 tons (13,900 lb) (or 7 tons for -9 version) of stores on nine pylons, with two pylons on each wing and five under the fuselage. A fixed removable refuelling probe can be attached in front of the cockpit, offset slightly to the right of center.

Primary armament of the Mirage 2000 includes

* Built-in armament consisted of twin DEFA 554 (now GIAT 30-550 F4) 30 mm revolver-type cannons with 125 rounds each. The cannons have selectable fire rates of 1,200 or 1,800 rounds per minute. Ammunitions weight 275 g and have a muzzle velocity of around 800 m/s. Even if this is not an impressive value (due to the 30x113 ammunition standard) this gives the noticeable capability to fire up to 16 kg/second, while the M61 Vulcan reaches only (at maximum theoretical ROF) 6 kg (ammunitions weights around 100 gr).
* Matra Super 530 medium-range semi-active radar-guided air-to-air missile on the inboard wing pylons and underbelly one.
* MICA missiles are replacing the previous. They are available only on the Mirage 2000-5 and further models. They have multiple advantages over previous missiles such as their weight, only 110 kg compared to 250-270 kg. This allows to carry up to 5 missiles under the belly. The data-link, active radar and auto-pilot make these weapons comparable to the heavier AMRAAM. The range is around 60 km, even more than the Super R.530D. So a Mirage 2000-5 with 4 MICA can engage four targets at the same time up to 60 km range, while a Mirage 2000 RDI can engage only two (not at the same time) within 40 km.
* Matra Magic short-range infrared-seeking AAM on the outboard wing pylons. Other missiles are compatible, because Magic itself was meant as 'Sidewinder compatible', so AIM-9J/P/L are often used on exported Mirages, and often other IR missiles are also in the Mirages panoply.
* The Mirage 2000C can carry air-to-ground stores such as the Matra 68 mm rocket pods (18 each), iron bombs (both French 250, 400, 1000 kg and Mk 80s series), and cluster bombs like Belouga or foreigner models. Some sub-version, especially those equipped with RDM (mainly used in export models) have the capability to use the Exocet anti-ship missiles.

[edit] Operational history

French Mirage 2000s saw operational use during the Gulf War although little combat action. UAE Mirages also flew in the Gulf War, but saw little action.

French Mirage 2000s were prominent participants in UN and NATO air operations over the former Yugoslavia, with one aircraft shot down over Bosnia by a heat-seeking surface-to-air missile fired by air defence units of Army of Republika Srpska during operation Deliberate Force in 1995, prompting efforts to obtain improved defensive systems.

On 8 October 1996[5], during the escalation over Imia/Kardak a Greek Mirage 2000 fired an R550 Magic 2 and shot down a Turkish F-16D (serial 91-0023) over the Aegean Sea, the only confirmed F-16 lost in air-to-air warfare. The pilot died, while the co-pilot ejected and was rescued by Greek forces.

AdA Mirage 2000Ds served in the intervention in Afghanistan in 2001-2002, operating in close conjunction with international forces and performing precision attacks with LGBs.

In summer 2007, after the Rafale fighters have been removed from the theater of operations, 3 French Mirage 2000's were deployed to Afghanistan in support of NATO troops.

Kargil War, 1999: India has assigned the nuclear strike role to their Mirage 2000s. In 1999 when the Kargil conflict broke out, as all the Russian aircraft in the IAF (MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27) were having problems operating at high altitudes[citation needed] or were vulnerable to enemy MANPADs, the Mirage 2000 proved ideal for high altitude bombing. The Mirage 2000 performed well during the whole conflict, even though the Mirages supplied to India had limited air interdiction capability and had to be heavily modified to drop dumb and laser-guided bombs. The two Mirage squadrons flew a total of 515 sorties, and in 240 strike missions dropped 55,000 kg of ordnance. Easy maintenance and a very high sortie rate made the Mirage 2000 one of the most efficient fighter of the Indian Air Force in the conflict.

[edit] Variants

[edit] Mirage 2000C
French Mirage 2000C

The first Mirage 2000 to go into service was the single-seat Mirage 2000C interceptor. There were four single-seat prototypes, including the initial Mirage 2000 prototype. The first production Mirage 2000C flew in November 1982. Deliveries began in 1983. The first operational squadron was formed in 1984, the 50th anniversary of the French Air Force. A total of 124 Mirage-2000Cs were obtained by the AdA.

The first 37 Mirage 2000Cs delivered were fitted with the Thomson-CSF RDM (Radar Doppler Multifunction) and were powered by the SNECMA M53-5 turbofan engine. The 38th Mirage 2000C had an upgraded SNECMA M53-5 P2 turbofan engine. The Radar Doppler Impulse (RDI) built by Thales did not enter service until 1987.

Latest upgrades include:

* Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NTCR) mode in RDI Radar allows identification of airborne targets not responding on IFF.
* Integration with the new Matra MICA (Missile d'Interception, de Combat et d'Autodefense) IR heat-seeking missile. The radar-guided version of the MICA will not be able to support earlier versions of the Mirage 2000.
* Indian Mirage-2000's have been integrated to carry the Russian R-73AE Archer missile and the indigeneous Indian built Astra missile.

[edit] Mirage 2000B
Mirage 2000B nose close up.

The Mirage 2000B is two-seat operational conversion trainer variant which performed its initial flight on October 11, 1980. The AdA acquired 30 Mirage 2000Bs, with all three of the AdA fighter wings obtaining a few each for conversion training.

[edit] Mirage 2000N and 2000D

Main article: Dassault Mirage 2000N/2000D

The Mirage 2000N is the nuclear strike variant which was intended to carry the Aerospatiale Air-Sol Moyenne Portee (ASMP) nuclear stand-off missile. Initial flight tests of two prototypes began on February 3, 1983, and the Mirage 2000N entered operational service in 1988. A total of 75 were built.

The Mirage 2000D is a dedicated conventional attack variant developed from the Mirage 2000N. Initial flight of the Mirage 2000D prototype, a modified Mirage 2000N prototype, was on February 19, 1991. The first flight of a production aircraft occurred March 31, 1993, and service introduction followed in April 1995. A total of 86 were built.

[edit] Mirage 2000-5

By the late 1980s, the Mirage 2000 was beginning to age compared with the latest models of U.S. F-16 fighters, so Thomson-CSF began work on a privately funded update of the Mirage 2000C which was to be named the Mirage 2000-5. A two-seat Mirage 2000B prototype was extensively modified as the first Mirage 2000-5 prototype, and it first flew on October 24, 1990. A Mirage 2000C prototype was then reworked to a similar standard, making its initial flight on April 27, 1991.


* The Thales multimode RDY (Radar Doppler Multitarget). The RDY radar is the heart of the upgrade, providing true multitarget tracking. It can simultaneously detect up to 24 targets and track the eight highest-priority threats while guiding four MICA EMs to different targets simultaneously.
* The updated ICMS 2 countermeasures suite and the Samir DDM missile warning system. ICMS 2 incorporates a receiver and associated signal processing system in the nose for detection of hostile missile command data links. The aircraft’s self-protection equipment can be interfaced to a new programmable mission-planning and post-mission analysis ground system.
* A new glass cockpit layout borrowed from the Rafale program with three-color MFDs, a dual-linked wide-angle HUD / head-level display, and HOTAS controls. The cockpit is NVG-compatible.
* Targeting systems included the Thales TV/CT CLDP laser designation pod which provides the capability to fire laser-guided weapons by day and night.
* A two-seater version was developed as well. The back-seater has the HUD but not the associated head-level display, and as with first-generation two-seaters, there are no built-in cannon (although cannon pods can be carried).
* The Mirage 2000-5 can also carry the oversized drop tanks developed for the Mirage 2000N, greatly extending its range.

In 1993, the AdA decided to upgrade 37 of their existing Mirage 2000s to the 2000-5 specification as a stopgap before the arrival of the Rafale in AdA service. The upgraded aircraft were redesignated Mirage 2000-5F, and became operational in 2000. They retained the old countermeasures system with the Serval/Sabre/Spirale units and did not receive the ICMS 2 system.

The AdA is now considering upgrades for the type, including the MIDS datalink, MICA IR support, and the Thales Topsight helmet-mounted display / sighting system.

[edit] Mirage 2000-5 Mark 2

Dassault extended the improvements of the Mirage 2000-5 a bit further with the Mirage 2000-5 Mark 2, which is an enhanced, fully multirole version of the Mirage 2000-5. It is currently the most advanced version of the Mirage 2000.


* Thales RDY-2 radar. This radar system is similar in configuration to the original RDY, but features two new air-to-ground modes, including a high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging mode with a moving target indicator (MTI) capability to provide an all-weather, day/night targeting capability. The radar features low-probability-of-intercept (LPI) operation, with the output pattern varying in a seemingly random pattern that prevents an adversary RWR from recognizing that it has been targeted.
* The high-power Modular Data Processing Unit (MDPU) designed for the Rafale.
* A new Thales Totem 3000 INS with ring-laser gyros and GPS capability, providing much greater accuracy, higher reliability, and shorter alignment time replaces the older ULISS 52 system. It works in conjunction with a terrain-following system.
* An improved, classified ICMS 3 digital countermeasures suite.
* An on-board oxygen generation system (OBOGS).
* The cockpit was updated as well, retaining the same general layout but with larger color displays and other modernizations. The Thales Topsight helmet-mounted display / sighting system is offered as an option.
* The Mirage 2000-5 Mark 2 includes a datalink for the targeting of MICA ER missiles and can carry the Damocles targeting pod.
* Future Upgrades: Thales AIDA visual identification pod; technology used in the Rafale will be also integrated into the Mirage 2000, including infrared and optical sensors for IFF and targeting. It will be used by AdA Mirage 2000-5Fs. Further development of the second-generation type is expected to include a GPS receiver, MIDS datalink, and unspecified long-range sensors.
* Topsight E helmet-mounted sight

[edit] Mirage 2000E

"Mirage 2000E" was a blanket designation for a series of export variants of the Mirage 2000. These aircraft were fitted the M53-P2 engine and an enhanced "RDM+" radar, and all can carry the day-only ATLIS II laser targeting pod.

[edit] Mirage 2000M (Egypt)

Egypt was the first foreign buyer, ordering 16 single-seat Mirage 2000M and four Mirage 2000BM trainers in late 1981, with deliveries beginning in 1986. The Egyptians also purchased ATLIS II pods and a wide range of appropriate munitions, including Magic and Super 530 AAMs, AS-30L laser-guided ASMs, and Armat anti-radiation missiles.

[edit] Mirage 2000H (India)
Indian Air Force Mirage 2000H.

India have acquired a total of 49 examples, including 42 single-seaters and 7 Mirage two-seaters. The IAF named the Mirage Vajra (Thunderbolt). India also purchased appropriate stores along with the fighters, including ATLIS II pods and laser-guided weapons.

* Since India wanted the fighter quickly, the first part of an initial batch of 26 single-seaters and 4 two-seaters was shipped to the Indian Air Force (IAF) beginning in 1985 with the older M53-5 engines. These aircraft were given the designations of Mirage 2000H5 and Mirage 2000TH5.
* The second part of this initial batch consisted of 10 more single-seaters with the M53-P2 engine, with these aircraft designated Mirage 2000H. All the first batch was reengined with the M53-P2, with the single-seaters re-designated "Mirage 2000H" and the two-seaters re-designated Mirage 2000TH.
* A second batch of six Mirage 2000H single-seaters and three Mirage 2000TH two-seaters was shipped in 1987-1988.

Recent orders:

* In 2004, the Indian government approved purchase of ten more Mirage 2000Hs, with these machines featuring improved avionics, particularly an upgraded RDM-7 radar.
* The Mirage 2000-5 was the front-runner for a planned Indian Air Force 124+ fighter procurement in which it was competing with the Mikoyan MiG-35, F-16 Falcon and JAS 39 Gripen. However, Dassault announced that Mirage 2000 will be replaced by the Rafale as the contender for the deal since the Mirage 2000 production line is to be closed.
* India has announced a $1.9 billion program to arm 52 of its Mirage 2000 aircraft with the MBDA ASRAAM dogfighting missile beginning in 2007. Installation will require new radar, electronic warfare equipment, and updates to the cockpit and data bus. Pilot helmets will require addition of a helmet-mounted sight. These will be the first Mirage aircraft to carry the British missile and Dassault, Thales, and MBDA are to participate in the effort[6].

[edit] Mirage 2000P (Peru)

Peru placed an order for 10 single-seat Mirage 2000Ps and 2 Mirage 2000DP trainers. The Peruvians ordered a set of munitions similar to that ordered by Egypt, along with ATLIS II targeting pods.

[edit] Mirage 2000-5EI (Taiwan, ROC)

In 1992, the Republic of China Air Force ordered 48 single-seat Mirage 2000-5EI interceptors and 12 Mirage 2000-5DI trainers, with introduction of the first squadron in 1997 and the last fighters delivered in 1999. The Taiwanese ordered a set of ASTAC electronic intelligence (ELINT) pods for their Mirages.

* France announced in 1992 that it would offer Dassault Mirage 2000-5 fighters to Taiwan. The number of aircraft considered had been rumoured to be 120, but the deal was finalized as 60 aircraft (48 single-seat 2000-5EIs and 12 two-seat 2000-5DIs) on November 17 of the same year. This marks the first ROCAF purchase of French fighters since the arrival of 24 Dewoitine D.510C piston-engine monoplanes in 1937. The program was given the codename "Fei Lung" (Flying Dragon).

* The ROCAF also obtained 960 MICA medium-range and 480 Magic II short-range air-to-air missiles from Matra. The former provides the Mirage with the BVR capability needed for its role as front-line interceptor. A number of centerline twin gun pods with DEFA 554 cannons were also acquired and fitted on the two-seaters, as they do not have an internal gun armament. Other support equipment, such as auxiliary fuel tanks, helmets, and G-suits, have also been procured.

* The first batch of ROCAF Mirage 2000-5s, consisting of five aircraft, arrived at Hualien Harbor on the east coast of Taiwan by sea on 1997-05-06. After being unloaded, they were towed to Hualien AB, where they were unpacked and checked, and then flown to Hsinchu AB. Subsequent deliveries also followed the same procedure. The last ROCAF Mirage 2000-5 was delivered in an official ceremony on 1998-11-26.

All Mirage 2000-5s are operated by the 499th TFW at Hsinchu. The first unit to convert to the type, the 41st TFS, was commissioned on 1997-12-01. Subsequently the 42nd TFS was commissioned on 1998-11-26. The 499th TFW achieved the IOC (Initial Operational Capability) status on 2001-05-10, and the 48th TFS was commissioned on the same day.

On 2004-11-01, the 41st and 42nd TFSs were upgraded to the "Tactical Fighter Group" status, while the 48th TFS became the 48th Training Group, in the largest restructure undertaken by the ROCAF since 1999. At the same time, the original 11th TFG went into history. Each of the new TFG/TG is commanded by a Colonel, but the number of aircraft assigned is not much different from that for a Squadron. Although their official English designation is Tactical Fighter Group, the Chinese designation literally means Operations Group.

Weapon Testing & Exercises

* On 1998-05-08, a two-seat DI fired one MICA missile and successfully hit a target drone 67 km away. It was the first launch of the said missile outside France. The second MICA live-firing exercise took place off the east coast of Taiwan on 2000-03-29, in which 2051 (right side image) fired a single MICA missile from its left inner pylon.

* On 2004-07-21, two Mirage 2000-5s from the 2nd TFW landed on the wartime reserve runway located at the Jenteh section of Highway No. 1 as part of the annual Han Kuang No. 20 Exercise. Mirage 2000-5DI 2051, piloted by Maj. Wei-Kuang Chang and Lt. Col. Juei-Chi Duan, and 2054, piloted by Lt. Col. Bin-Fu Wu and Capt. Jien-Liang Chen, took off from their home base Hsinchu Air Base at 0540 hrs. 2051 landed on the highway at 0620 hrs, followed by 2054 at 0622 hrs. The two jets then taxied to the other end of the reserve runway to be refueled and re-armed with two Magic air-to-air missiles, respectively. At 0712 hrs, 2051 took off again and 2054 followed one minute later. Both landed at Hsinchu at 0736 hrs.

[edit] Mirage 2000-5EDA (Qatar)

In 1994, Qatar ordered nine single-seat Mirage 2000-5EDAs and three Mirage 2000-5DDA trainers, with initial deliveries starting in 1997.

[edit] Mirage 2000EAD/RAD (UAE)

In 1983, the UAE purchased 22 single-seat Mirage 2000EADs, 8 unique single-seat Mirage 2000RAD reconnaissance variants, and 6 Mirage 2000DAD trainers, for a total order of 36 machines. The order specified an Italian-made defensive avionics suite that delayed delivery of the first of these aircraft until 1989.

* The Mirage 2000RAD reconnaissance variant does not have any built-in cameras or sensors, and the aircraft can still be operated in air combat or strike roles. The reconnaissance systems are implemented in pods, including the Thales "SLAR 2000" radar pod, Dassault "COR2" multi-camera pod with visible and infrared imaging capability, and the Dassault "AA-3-38 HAROLD" telescopic long-range optical camera pod. The UAE is the only nation operating such a specialized reconnaissance variant of the Mirage 2000 at this time.

Mirage 2000-9

Mirage 2000-9 is the export variant of Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2.

* The UAE was the launch customer, ordering 32 new-build aircraft, comprising 20 Mirage 2000-9 single-seaters and 12 Mirage 2000-9D two-seaters. Initial deliveries of the UAE Mirages began in the spring of 2003. A further 30 of Abu Dhabi's older Mirage 2000s will also be upgraded to Mirage 2000-9 standard.
* The UAE's Mirage 2000-9s are well-equipped for the strike mission, since they are being provided with the Shehab laser targeting pod (a variant of the Damocles) and the Nahar navigation pod, complementing the air-to-ground modes of the RDY-2 radar. They are also equipped with a classified countermeasures system designated "IMEWS", which is comparable to the ICMS 3. The UAE is also obtaining the "Black Shaheen" cruise missile, which is basically a variant of the MBDA Apache cruise missile similar to Storm Shadow.
* On 4 April 2005, a Mirage 2000-9 crashed after take-off from Istres AB in southern France during a test flight before its delivery to Abu Dhabi. The two pilots, Dassault chief test pilot Eric Gérard and a pilot from UAE, ejected safely and remained unhurt. An engine failure during take-off was the cause. The aircraft crashed over a deserted part of the airbase.[7].

[edit] Mirage 2000EG (Greece)
Greek Mirage 2000EG climbing.

Beginning in March 1985, Greece ordered 36 single-seat Mirage 2000EGs and 4 Mirage 2000BG two-seat trainers, as a part of the "Talos" modernization project.

* They feature an ICMS 1 defensive countermeasures suite, which is an updated version of the standard Mirage 2000C countermeasures suite and is characterized by two small antennas near the top of the tailfin. These Mirage 2000s were later modified in the field to carry the Aerospatiale AM39 Exocet anti-ship missile.
* In 2000, Greece ordered a batch of 25 Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2 fighters, which feature the SATURN secure radio. The order included 15 new-build aircraft and 10 upgrades of existing Greek Mirage 2000EGs. Apparently the Greek order does not include any upgrades of two-seaters.

[edit] Mirage 2000BR (Brazil)

Dassault competed for a Brazilian deal with the Mirage 2000BR, another variant of the Mirage 2000-9. Due to Brazilian budget problems, the competition has dragged on for years until it was suspended in February 2005.

* In July 2005, however, Brazil agreed to purchase 12 ex-AdA Mirage 2000C aircraft.

* First two Mirage 2000C and Mirage 2000B delivered to Brazilian Air Force(FAB) on September 4th 2006 . Aircraft were delivered to 1º GDA in Anápolis, Goiás to replace Mirage IIIEBR/DBR. Aircraft will be named F-2000 in FAB service. On August 26th of 2008, the last 2 Mirages were delivered.

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Penulis & Pencipta lagu Sepanjang Zaman.

Saari Amri

Rindukan Sentuhan Saari Amri.

"Gerimis Mengundang", "Di sana Menunggu Di sini Mananti", "Lamunan Terhenti","Butakah Cinta" pasti kita mengenali lagu-lagu tersebut yang pernag popular sekitar era 90'an yang lalu. Sentuhan berbisa dari Saari Amri itu cukup memeriahkan idustri muzik kita suatu masa dahulu.
Saari Bin Jusoh insan yang berasal dari Kelantan itu memang menjadi buruan dikalangan artis baru yang ingin merakamkan album untuk menghiasi album baru mereka. Bayangkanlah dengan berbekalkan satu atau dua lagu ciptaan Saari Amri dalam satu album pasti menjadi popular.

Asalnya Saari Amri hanya ingin menggunakan nama Saari AM (AM itu singkatan kepada Anak Mak) tetapi atas cadangan dari rakan pena beliau telah mensarankan agar ditambah menjadi Amri dan sehingga kini Saari dikenali dengan nama Saari Amri.

Bermula dengan lagu Kumpulan Mega "pasti" nama Saari Amri mula di beri perhatian dikalangan penggiat seni hiburan tanahair. Saari Amri yang pernah bekerja sebagai penjaga store di sebuah kilang suatu masa dahulu terus gigih bekarya sehinggakan beliau mampu memilikki studio rakaman sendiri yang di beri nama Menora Studio.

Saari Amri juga telah menerima tawaran dari syarikat gergasi ketika itu iaitu BMG Music sebagai pencipta lagu eksklusif bagi memastikan karya Saari Amri terjamin dan dilindungi oleh akta cipta terpelihara.

Saari Amri juga tidak terlepas dari menggunakan nama samaran yang lain seperti nama Iraas Irma (terbalik dari nama Saari Amri) yang juga merupakan nama anaknya bersama Senorita dan nama Fitri Amri.

Beliau telah banyak menaikkan nama artis baru dan mengekalkan nama artis yang telah sedia ada, di antara artis yang pernah dinaikkan Saari Amri menerusi sentuhan hit lagunya adalah Ziana Zain ("madah berhelah", "setiaku di sini", "kekal"), Azie ("pelamin anganku musnah", "kau tetap dalam anganku"), Kumpulan Ukay's/UK's ("terasa","di sana menunggu di sini menanti","seksa"), Kumpulan Umrella ("ramalanku benar belaka"), Kumpulan Scan ("kau dipaksa aku terpaksa") Kumpulan Zabarjad ("karam") Kumpulan Legacy,("dua jiwa satu hati"dan banyak lagi nama artis yang lain.

Selain itu Saari Amri berjaya mengekalkan nama artis yang telah sedia ada menerusi lagu berhantunya seperti Kumpulan Slam ("kembali terjalin", "gerimis mengundang"), Kumpulan Spring ("butakah cinta", "sejujur manakah kata-kata"), Aris ("lamunan terhenti") dan banyak lagi.

Karya Saari Amri juga pernah diminta untuk artis yang mempunyai nama besar dalam idutri muzik Malaysia di era 90'an dulu seperti Kumpulan Wings ("lena diulit intan"), Awie ("bara"), Ella ("sembilu", "kabus dan sirna"), Kumpulan MAY ("meniti suratan", "suci"), Nash ("zahir tak terucap") dan banyak lagi.

Amir UK's dikatakan paling banyak dan begitu serasi ketika menyanyikan lagu Saari Amri, dari bersama Kumpulan Ukay's,UK's dan sehinggalah beliau membuat album solo nama Saari Amri sentiasa menjadi penghias kulit belakang album Amir dan UK's.

LAgu Butakah Cinta Versi Indonesia Ciptaan Saari Amri & Habsah Hassan.

Amir UK's paling banyak menyanyikan lagu ciptaan Saari Amri

Saari Amri juga pernah merakamkan album dan menggelarkan diri mereka Kumpulan Ways bersama Ann suatu masa dahulu lagu "warkah buat kekasih"(lagu:saari amri/lirik:loloq) menjadi popular sekitar pertengahan tahun 90'an.

Dari sudut penulisan lirik Saari Amri begitu mudah dan senang untuk difahami, baik dari segi tajuk lagu sehinggalah jalan cerita lirik itu senang untuk difahami walaupun kadangkala menggunakan bahasa puitis dalam penulisan lirik lagunya. Lihat sahaja lirik lagu :

Gerimis Mungandang (Slam)
"pernah juga kau pinta
namun sangkaku
itu hanyalah gurauan
nyata kau serius dalam

Lamunan Terhenti (Aris)
"entah mengapakah
hatiku bergetaran
bila bertemu lagi
oh kekasih lama
kucuba selindungkan
api keresahan
namun perasaan ini
membara di dalam"

Di Sana Menunggu Di Sini Menanti (Uk's)
"seumur hidup aku
ini yang pertama
pintu hatiku diketuk
oleh dua wanita
punyai ciri selama ini
berbeza wajah
ayunya tetap asli"

Sebak (UK's)
"dalam banyak insan yang kau temui
dia pilihanmu
jika insan lain tak mengapa
tapi sahabatku"

Selain itu hasil penulisan lirik Saari Amri lebih kepada sikap rendah diri dan menceritakan kesedihan dengan apa yang ada dalam diri seperti lirik-lirik beliau dalam :

Di Luar Kemampuanku (UK's)
Ku cermin diri ini
Terteralah kedaifan
Yang tak engkau inginkan
Ku melepas keluhan
Yang panjang
Menyesali kemiskinan ku ini

Tergamak Kau (UK's)
"mengertilah ku kini
kasih sayang sekarang
semuanya memandang kebendaan
andainya kedaifan
dan rupa pula kurang
tiada satu pun sudi memandang
walau sebelah mata"

Pahit Kutelan Jua (UKs)
Takdir menentukan perpisahan kita
Walaupun pahit terpaksa ku telan jua
Kemiskinan aku...
Kau buat ukuran
Kekayaan dia jadi pilihan mu
Tiada ku menduga...
Kau mata duitan
Seandainya dia yang kau cinta
Ku doakan moga kau bahagia
Biarlah ku ubat luka sendiri
Pergilah oh... kekasih...

Lagu-lagu Saari Amri sering berkumandang di stesen radio di era 90'an dulu malah banyak lagu beliau memenuhi carta lagu tempatan tetapi sayang beliau jarang menerima anugerah individu (selain anugerah untuk album) di atas keindahan ilham beliau itu.

Kadangkala Saari Amri sering berpasangan dengan Habsah Hassan selaku penulis lirik lagu beliau selain menggunakan khidmat Azam Dungun, Loloq atau Azida N.,Juwie dan ramai lagi. Malah lagu "kembali terjalin"(Slam) sentuhan bersama Saari Amri dan Habsah Hassan sungguh puitis sekali baik dari segi melodi atau liriknya.

Habsah Hassan sering bergandingan dengan Saari Amri dalam satu lagu

Kekasih Ku Di Menara (Uk's)

Dingin sungguh malam ini
Dan sukar mata kulelapkan
Lalu kucuba coretkan
Secebis lembaran buatmu
Tidak terkira perutusan
Satu pun tiada balasan
Namun ku tak putus harapan
Walau hati ini sudah mula bergoyang
Dapat ku bayangkan kau mula berubah
Bila di puncak menara gading
Sedangkan aku hanya mampu bermimpi
Untuk ke puncak seperti mu
Disebabkan itu kau mencipta jurang
Perhubungan kita mula menjadi renggang
Dan keangkuhanmu kini mula ketara
Memandang aku cuma sebelah mata
Dulu aku bagimu
Jambatan untuk kau ke seberang
Mudah sungguh kau lupakan
Semua jasa-jasakuSemua pengorbananku untukmu
Semua jasa-jasakuSemua pengorbananku untukmu

(Lagu : Saari Amri/Lirik : Saari Amri)

Kumpulan Ukays dengan lagunya Seksa

Muzik Video dari kumpulan ukays bertajuk Seksa
UKAYS - seksa

Seksa bermaksud pedih, sakit, di himpit perasaan pilu, sakit hati & lain-lain makna yang lebih kepada kekurangan, kekurangan sesuatu yang lebih mejurus kepada perasaan seseorang manusia atau yang bernyawa seperti haiwan.

Download untuk mp3 atau ringtone terus ke komputer atau handphone anda lagu Seksa nyanyian kumpulan ukays klik sini untuk download.
Download lagu Ukays - Seksa

Lirik Lagu - Seksa
Kemana bintang beribu
Di malam ini
Tiada satupun yang kelihatan
kecuali kelam

Mungkinkah hujan kan turun
Menemani malam
Makin sepilah malam ku ini
Tiada teman bicara

Walaupun lenaku panjang
Tiada mimpi bertandang
Menghitung hari berlalu
Seksanya aku

Walaupun masih teringat
Kau jauh entah dimana
Sudahnya ku duakanmu

Dan tak ku duga kau jelma pula
Menagih lagi janji lama
Sukar bagiku untuk terima
Kehadiranmu untuk bersama
Kali kedua

Tak perlu kau menjelma lagi
Nyata atau mimpi
Kerna bagiku
Semua yang berlaku
Biarkan berlalu
Jangan pula nanti
Kau salahkan aku
Kerna meninggalkanmu

Lain-lain link:
Main game tidak perlu download klik dibanner dibawah untuk maklumat lanjut ianya legal dan percuma untuk bermain klik sekarang jangan malu-lalu untuk bermain jika anda kalah tiada siapa pun yang tahu kecuali anda sendiri. Anda mungkin berminat dan teruja.

Kumpulan Ukays

Kumpulan Ukays merupakan sebuah kumpulan pemuzik dan penyanyi yang aktif di Malaysia. Kumpulan ini menyampaikan lagu-lagu Melayu.

Kumpulan ini meletup di zaman kegemilangan pada tahun 1993 sehingalah ketahun 1999.

Kumpulan Ukays kemudiannya bertukar nama kepada kumpulan UK's selepas berlaku pertukaran anggotanya.

Antara lagu-lagu yang pernah meletup dengan tangkap ngangis nya ialah :

UKAYS - seksa
UKAYS - bila diri disayangi
UKAYS - dijemput pulang
UKAYS – pahit akan manis
UKAYS – satu lilin sehening malam
UKAYS – bila purnama mengembang
UKAYS – disana menanti disini menunggu
UKAYS – harapan kekasih, kekasih menyinsih
UKAYS – kau satu satunya
UKAYS – kekasihku di menara gading
UKAYS – kembali mencari
UKAYS – manalah ku tahu
UKAYS – rhythm si jantung hati
UKAYS – siapa yang rampas cintamu
UKAYS – terasa
UKAYS – kembali mencari
UKAYS – sebak
UKAYS – diluar kemampuanku
UKAYS – sesak
Rondo Cinta Buta

Bonus lagu yang mesti di dengar lagu lagenda sepanjang zaman bertajuk :
Lamunan terhenti dinyanyikan sendiri oleh Amir Ukays/uk's sebelum dinyanyikan oleh Aris Ariwatan.
Download dan dengar lagu Amir_UKs_-_Lamunan_Terhenti klik sini.

Ingin download untuk mp3 atau ringtones sila klik di tajuk lagu di atas
tersebut jika ingin download.


Kumpulan Ukays dianggotai oleh empat orang ahli yang kesemuanya lelaki.

* Amir (penyanyi)
* Well (guitar)
* Din (bass)
* Ali (drum)

Selepas menukar nama kepada UK'S:

* Amir (penyanyi)
* Amy (guitar)
* Daniel (guitar)
* Olley (bass)
* Amirul (drum)

Album 'Cuma Aku Yang Hidup'

* Amir (penyanyi)
* Neil (gitar)
* Awie (bass)

Album yang pernah di jual/terjual

* Mencari (1993) (15,000 unit)
* Bisa Berbisa (1994) (350,000 unit)
* Tajam Menikam (1995) (280,000 unit)
* Panas Berpanjangan (1996) (175,000 unit)
* Cuma Aku Yang Hidup (1997) (100,000 unit)
* Pijar Kasmaran (1999)

Kumpulan Ukays yang diketuai oleh Amir (rujuk gambar) adalah sangat popular pada awal tahun 90-an. Majoriti lagu-lagu hits Ukays biasanya bersifat cinta sesama manusia yang akhirnya kecundang dengan kekecewaan. Tajuk asal lagu ini sebenarnya adalah Kau Satu-satunya dan bukan Kau Satu-satu-Nya. Tetapi saya masukkan juga dalam carta Top 20 ini kerana ketika saya kecil, saya pernah membaca temuramah dengan kumpulan Ukays yang mana mereka mengatakan bahawa sebenarnya lagu ini memang bersifat keTuhanan.

Mungkin Kau Satu-satu-Nya adalah satu-satunya lagu Ukays yang membawa mood ceria dan mampu mengingatkan kita bahawa betapa perlunya kita ini kepada Allah. Lagu-lagu Ukays yang lain mungkin agak berbahaya bagi mereka yang baru frust menonggeng.

Video Klip Kumpulan Ukays.

Lirik Kau Satu-satu-Nya
Album: Bisa Berbisa
Tahun: 1994

Oh siapalah diri ini
Aku ini tanpa-Mu
Duniaku pasti tak berseri
Dan hidup tak menjadi

Kau bagiku satu-satu-Nya
Pada-Mulah ku meminta, ku bermanja
Ku rindui, ku kasihi
Di hatiku Kau abadi

Dengan sinaran kasih-Mu
Kian terancang hidupku
Tiada lagi keraguan
Kau bagiku kekuatan
Mana jua ku berada
Ditemani cahaya cinta

Sejak diri-Mu ku dekati
Diriku ini ku kenali
Hanya Engkaulah sesungguhnya
Tiada dua

Di cermin kaca ku memandang
Diriku serba kekurangan
Namun bagi-Mu bukan itu jadi ukuran
Melengkapi hidup kita
Bukan harta, bukan nama, bukan rupa

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Muzik Video Ukays lagi

Siapa Yang Rampas CintaMu

pahit akan manis akhirnya

Bila Diri Di Sayangi

Di Luar Kemampuanku

Gema Kasih Berpanjangan

Kembali Mencari

Rondo Cinta Buta

Zikir Kasih

Cinta Itu Buta (Indonesia Version) Butakah Cinta

LAgu ini pernah top & meletup di indonesia suatu ketika dulu. Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh kumpulan spring oleh Ameng di Malaysia yang meletup dengan lagu sampai hati nya.

Di Sana Menanti Di Sini Menunggu

Siapakah yang mencipta dan menaikkan artis-artis tempatan mungkin adakah pencipta & penulis lirik lagenda sepanjang zaman klik sini untuk ketahui siapa penulis & pencipta liriknya? Selamatkan muzik tempatan tanah air Malaysia kita.

Gadis Bertudung Comel Bermain Gitar

Gadis bertudung ayu dan comel menunjukkan bakatnya bermain gitar.

I Kissed a Girl - (Acoustic Cover)

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Everytime - Britney spears (Acoustic Cover)

Siapakah gadis bertudung tersebut yang menunjukkan bakatnya bermain gitar?
Mungkin gadis bertudung yang menunjukkan bakatnya bermain gitar tersebut adalah seorang cikgu dan hanya orang biasa yang begitu berminat sekali ingin dikenali bermain gitar secara solo di bawah adalah gambar gadis atau wanita tersebut yang terdapat di internet.

The guitar is a musical instrument with ancient roots that is used in a wide variety of musical styles. It typically has six strings, but four, seven, eight, ten and twelve string guitars also exist.

Guitars are recognized as one of the primary instruments in blues, country, flamenco, rock music, and many forms of pop. They can also be a solo classical instrument. Guitars may be played acoustically, where the tone is produced by vibration of the strings and modulated by the hollow body, or they may rely on an amplifier that can electronically manipulate tone. Such electric guitars were introduced in the 20th century and continue to have a profound influence on popular culture.

Traditionally guitars have usually been constructed of combinations of various woods and strung with animal gut, or more recently, with either nylon or steel strings. Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers.
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Ikan Sardin Racun Jangka Panjang

Jangan Makan Ikan Sardin ?

Saya dilahirkan dari keluarga miskin. Ibu bapa saya mengusahakankebun getah. Waktu kecil, apabila ibu atau bapa membeli ikan sardin dalam tin, ia seperti satu makanan mewah. Sejak kecil memang saya suka makan sardin. Apatah lagi kalau masakan sardin yang dimasak oleh arwah ibu. Walau pun saya suka makan sardin, namun tidak berpeluang makan dengan kerap maklumlah bagi keluarga saya ketika itu, ia dianggap mahal.

Harga ikan sardin dalam tin pada hari ini dikira amat murah. Dalam
lingkungan RM3 – RM4 sudah dapat satu tin sardin bersaiz besar.
Kalau nak dibandingkan dengan membeli ikan kembung segar di pasar,
rasanya lebih mudah dan murah membeli ikan sardin dalam tin. Tidak
perlu memproses buang perut dan membasuh dan membubuh garam dan
kunyit. Pendek kata, kalau beli ikan sardin, buka penutup, potongkan
sedikit bawang dan tumiskan dengan cili, dalam tempuh yang singkat
sudah siap lauk ikan sardin.

Tabiaat suka makan sardin saya berterusan sesudah kahwin. Namun
tidak kerap kerana isteri kurang gemar ikan sardin. Setelah saya
berkenalan dan berguru dengan arwah guru, barulah saya terpaksa
berhenti terus dari makan ikan sardin. Arwah guru saya bertegas
memberikan arahan kepada saya "JANGAN MAKAN IKAN SARDIN". Satu
ketika setelah lama tidak makan ikan sardin, sewaktu saya makan
tengahari bersama arwah guru, saya sangat terliur untuk makan lauk
ikan sardin. Saya mengambil sepotong ikan sardin. Selepas itu, arwah
guru saya tidak mahu bercakap dengan saya untuk beberapa jam kerana
sangat marah kepada saya kerana mengambil lauk ikan sardin.

Lama kelamaan saya terpaksa belajar untuk tidak makan lagi ikan
sardin. Alhamdulillah dengan pengalaman yang Allah berikan sepanjang
bersama arwah guru dan terlibat dengan beberapa kes orang yang suka
makan sardin, akhirnya kini saya memandang sangat jijik ikan sardin.
Saya tidak akan memakan karipap ikan sardin dan sandwic sardin yang
dihidangkan setiap kali mesyuarat di pejabat saya.

Mari kita lihat ikan sardin. Sewaktu saya suka makan ikan sardin
dahulu, saya sangat suka makan bahagian tulang ikan sardin kerana ia
lembut. Bagaimanakah ikan sardin ini diproses sehingga semua
tulangnya menjadi lembut??. Kalau kita membuat eksperimen sains yang
mudah di rumah dengan merebus seekor ikan kembung selama 3 hari 3
malam secara berterusan, insya-Allah akan kita dapati bahawa tulang
ikan kembung ini tidak akan lembut. Mari kita ubah eksperimen ini
dengan menggunakan pressure cooker memasak ikan kembung tersebut
selama 3 hari 3 malam juga. Keputusannya akan tetap sama, tulang
ikan kembung ini akan tetap keras.

Apa yang ingin saya persoalkan di sini ialah mengapa tulang ikan
sardin ini sedia lembut apabila dikeluarkan dari tinnya? Jawapannya
ialah sudah tentu terdapat bahan kimia khas yang dimasukkan ke dalam
tin ikan sardin ini yang telah bertindak balas dengan tulang ikan
ini sehingga menjadikan tulang ini lembut. Mengikut arwah guru saya,
bahan kimia inilah yang menjadi ancaman kepada manusia apabila
mereka memakan ikan sardin.

Apakah ancaman kepada manusia apabila memakan ikan sardin?
Pemerhatian pertama atau kes pertama yang gunakan sebagai bahan
bukti buruknya amalan makan sardin ialah kes seorang jiran saya yang
terpaksa dibuang keseluruhan rahimnya kerana ketumbuhan fibroid di
dalam rahimnya. Semenjak sekian lama saya berjiran dengan hamba
Allah ini, saya memang tahu melalui anak-anak saya yang kerap ke
rumahnya bahawa hamba Allah ini memang gemar memakan ikan sardin dan
mee maggi. Maklumlah bagi seorang wanita dengan kerjaya besar yang
sentiasa sibuk dan tiada orang gaji, penyelesaian mudah ialah
memasak nasi berlauk ikan sardin dan kalau ingin lebih ringkas, stok
mee maggi sentiasa tersedia.

Hamba Allah ini telah kehilangan rahimnya semenjak usianya awal
40an. Begitulah, jikalau kerap seseorang terutama sekali orang
perempuan gemar makan sardin, jawapannya, pelbagai tumor seperti
fibroid di dalam rahim akan insya-Allah diberikan oleh Allah.
Fibroid sebenarnya adalah sejenis kanser benign yang tidak merebak
ke bahagian lain tubuh. Sebenarnya berdasarkan pemerhatian-
pemerhatian lalu ini boleh dirumuskan seolah-olah di dalam tin ikan
sardin terdapat sejenis bahan kimia yang bersifat karsinogen (bahan
kimia penyebab kanser). Apabila kerap dan sudah cukup tempuhnya, ia
akan menyebabkan tumor atau kanser samaada benign atau malignan.
Namun dalam pemerhatian saya ia banyak menyebabkan fibroid dalam
rahim dan tumor.

Antara sampel kajian saya yang suka dan kerap makan sardin ialah
seorang hamba Allah yang secara tiba-tiba sewaktu mengandungkan anak
keduanya iaitu seorang anak perempuan tiba-tiba mengidam makan ikan
sardin. Hampir setiap hari sepanjang mengandungkan anak perempuannya
ini hamba Allah ini akan makan ikan sardin. Akibat dari tabiaat ini,
sebaik sahaja anak perempuan keduanya ini dilahirkan, terdapat
ketumbuhan pada rahim bayi perempuan ini. Pembedahan terpaksa
dilakukan ketika bayi ini berusia kalau tidak silap saya 3 bulan.
Begitulah azab diperolehi dari tabiaat gemar makan ikan sardin.
Namun saya bersyukur kepada Allah swt kerana sebenarnya isu makan
ikan sardin inilah yang antara menjadi punca sehingga akhirnya hamba
Allah ini belajar ilmu agama dari saya sehingga pelbagai amalan
syirik dan tangkalnya alhamdulillah telah dapat dibuang. Hamba Allah
ini kini alhamdulillah telah menjadi antara murid saya yang banyak
sekali mendapat pelbagai rahmat dari Allah walaupun dahulunya jahil.

Sebagai latihan pengukuhan kepada para pembaca budiman semua, cuba
lah buat sedikit kajian ke atas mana-mana kenalan atau saudara mara
yang pernah mengalami sebarang kes tumor atau fibroid dan selepas
itu kajilah sejarah permakanan mereka ini. Kemungkinan besar mereka
ini memang gemar dan kerap makan ikan sardin. Dengan itu marilah
pembaca sekelian memboikot makan ikan sardin semoga insya-Allah
dijauhkan Allah dari terkena sebarang penyakit berkaitan tumor,
fibroid atau sebarang penyakit kanser lainnya.

Sekian untuk kali ini. INGAT, jangan makan ikan sardin dan sebarang jenis produk dalam tin.

Kumpulan Lestari - Rock Dulu-dulu

Kumpulan Lestari terkenal pada tahun 1994 di tanah air Malaysia, antara Lagu-lagu yang pernah di nyanyikan oleh kumpulan terbabit ialah :

Air Mata Saksi Cintaku
Aku Yang Terpilih
Andainya Perpisahan Terjadi
Biar Pedih Hati Terhiris
Cinta Itu Ketawa Dan Air Mata
Di Mana Kau
Impian Abadi
Istana Cinta Terbiar
Masih Ada Rindu
Musibah Kembali
Rindu Di Puncak Mahligai
Seandainya Jodoh Kita
Sekelip Mata Kau Berubah
Seksanya Menanggung Rindu
Terima Kasih Segalanya
Terserah Pada Mu

Anda ingin download lagu tersebut klik di tajuk lagu jika ingin download semudah abc.

Video Klip Sekelip Mata Kau Berubah di selitkan dengan lirik sekali.

Sekelip Mata Kau Berubah - Lestari - Malay MTV

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