Black Water

Black Water - Australian Crocodile Movie, Trailer

Black Water - Australian Crocodile Movie, Full Movie


Black Water is a 2008 Australian survival / horror / thriller film set in the mangrove swamps of northern Australia. It was written and directed by Andrew Traucki and David Nerlich and stars Diana Glenn Maeve Dermody and Andy Rodoreda
A terrifying tale of survival in a crocodile inhabited mangrove swamp.

Grace, her boyfriend Adam and younger sister Lee decide to take a river tour whilst holidaying in Northern Australia.

As they drift into a mangrove swamp their boat is suddenly capsized and Jim disappears. Realising they’ve been attacked by a crocodile, Adam drags Grace to the safety of a tree whilst Lee clings on top of the overturned boat. Adam and Grace frantically try to manoeuvre Lee and the boat to the tree but it is firmly stuck.

Stranded in the flooded mangrove swamp, the three holiday makers must work out what to do to survive.

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