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Dark Orbit.

Space Pilots, begin your journey into the deepest depths of the universe. Explore the galaxy and collect raw materials with a ship that your company will provide. Equip it with new weapons and shields in the hangar.

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During the third century there were a number of revolutions on our home planet Earth - not only the climate changed drastically, the earth itself changed slowly but surely.

Thanks to a warm period between two ice ages, the human race, which settled the earth over millions of years, was able to develop and establish dominance over the planet.

Because of the change in climate, living space for the highly developed species known as mankind decreased, so researchers looked for other survival possibilities. It was only logical to look toward the heavens and turn their thoughts to conquering the universe with all its planets.

They found raw materials in abundance here, and so the nations settled on distant planets - and adapted to the conditions of their new worlds without any major problems.

But even here, the survival of the fittest was a law which could not be ignored. As the centuries passed, powerful companies developed an active mining and trade industry with these new raw materials: an overexploitation by the three companies which has already led to bottlenecks in the supply of energy.

As a result, these three powerful companies have been fighting a bitter struggle for centuries around the precious resources in space - the legendary battles which you heard about during your training to become a space pilot.

The capture and exploration of unknown worlds and bizarre phenomena in foreign galaxies have always fascinated you - you want to be a part of it -- it's like a mission to you! You graduated at the top of your class at the Space Academy.

And now the time has come - as a young space pilot you will be sent into the depths of space, and your mission is to search for new raw materials for your company - because that is the only way they will be able to maintain their dominance in the war for power, energy, and raw materials!

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