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Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the most influential titles in the history of video games. It is credited with allowing console RPGs to find a place in markets outside Japan, and remains arguably the most popular title in the Final Fantasy series.[4][5] In January 2005, it was selected by Electronic Gaming Monthly as 6th on their list of "the 10 most important games … that helped redefine the industry since … 1989". Citing its "beautiful cut-scenes and a deep, introspective narrative", they claimed that "Square’s game was … the first RPG to surpass, instead of copy, movie-like storytelling."[104] As well, in late 2007, Dengeki PlayStation named Final Fantasy VII as the best story, best RPG, and best overall game in their retrospective awards feature about the original PlayStation.[105]

The game's popularity and open-ended nature also led the director and writer to establish a plot-related connection between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, another popular Final Fantasy title.[71] It has also inspired an unofficial version of Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo Famicom by Chinese company Shenzhen Nanjing Technology.[106] This port features the entire Final Fantasy VII game, sans a number of side quests, scaled back to 2D.[106]

The game's legacy includes the acceptance and standard inclusion of full motion video sequences in RPGs, as well as significant advancement in computer graphics. These developments would allow series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to begin production of the first Final Fantasy film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.[107] The game also introduced settings dominantly suffused with modern-to-advanced technology into the Final Fantasy series, a theme continued by Final Fantasy VIII and The Spirits Within.[18][19][108] Rereleases of Square games in Japan with bonus features would occur frequently after the release of Final Fantasy VII International. Later titles that would receive this treatment include Final Fantasy X,[109] Final Fantasy X-2,[110] Kingdom Hearts (as "Final Mix"),[111] Kingdom Hearts II (as "Final Mix+"),[112] and Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System.

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