Malique ft M.Nasir - Mantera Beradu

Malique ft M.Nasir - Mantera Beradu

Song:Mantera Beradu klik sini untuk download lagu sekarang
Artist: Malique Ft M.Nasir
Album: OK
Lyric: In the comment below

OK, as has been widely publisized, is predominantly recorded in the Malay language. This should however not deter listeners from being interested.

This two disc album contains 20 tracks and features Malique touching on topics ranging from love, life, Kuala Lumpur and everything close to his heart. The first track released to the public, Kau Yang Punya is a definite radio winner and I hear it is getting mad radio play in Indonesia. Another standout track is Mantera Beradu featuring the legendary M. Nasir. I feel M. Nasir did not compromise his style to fit with a hip-hop vibe, and the result was a perfect mix of hip-hop and traditional malay folk music. The album’s namesake track, OK, which features Cat Fabuloso, and KL Streets featuring Lah are also notable songs.
There’s no need to hesitate. OK is definitely better than OK. It is both seminal and a must have.

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