X-ray mobile phone software released via mix-download.blogspot.com

Anda inginkan sesuatu kelainan untuk hanphone anda. Jadikan hanphone anda bukan sekadar untuk bercakap, mengambil gambar, kini anda boleh melakukan xray dirumah hanya dengan handphone anda lihat gambar dan Video sebagai buktinya. Sekiranya anda inginkan xray software untuk handphone anda dapatkannya di mix-download.blogspot.com

X-Ray / Xray Camera Handphone Software Free Download. Do you belive that it is a real X-ray machine?Don’t be cheated by your eyes,it is just a normal mobilephone,but an X-ray software programme has been installed in it,the X-ray displayed on the screen is just an X-ray video that already recorded in the mobilephone! You can get the xray software for your mobilephone from mix-download.blogspot.com

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software xray / x-ray untuk handphone pandang tembus
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