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Dinosaur is an American animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and released to movie theatres in 2000. It is the 39th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Studios canon. It combines the use of live-action backgrounds with computer animation of prehistoric creatures, notably the titular dinosaurs, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation's Computer Graphics Unit that was later merged with Dream Quest Images to create Disney's Secret Lab department.[1] The Disney's Secret Lab department of the Disney company is now closed.

The film was the most expensive movie of 2000, costing $130 million United States dollars[citation needed], although unofficial estimates put it around $200 million[citation needed]. This film was rated PG by the MPAA for intense images.

The majority scenery of the film are from Canaima (Venezuela) landscapes, various tepuis and Angel Falls appears in the film.
The film was originally supposed to have no dialogue at all, in part to differentiate the film from The Land Before Time, with which Dinosaur shares many plot similarities. Michael Eisner insisted that the movie have dialogue in order to make it more "commercially viable." Coincidentally, a similar change was made early in the production of The Land Before Time, which was originally intended to feature only the voice of a narrator.

Pop singer/songwriter Kate Bush reportedly wrote and recorded a song for the film but due to complications the track was ultimately not included on the soundtrack. According to HomeGround, a Kate Bush fanzine, it was scrapped when Disney asked Bush to rewrite the song and Bush refused; however, according to Disney, the song was cut from the film when preview audiences did not respond well to the track. In Asia, pop singer Jacky Cheung's song Something Only Love Can Do, with versions sung in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese, was adopted as the theme song for the film.

The Countdown to Extinction attraction at the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park was re-named and re-themed to the movie, and is now known as Dinosaur. The storyline was always intended to tie in with the movie, considering the usage of a Carnotaurus as the ride's antagonist and Aladar as the Iguanadon that guests rescue from the meteor shower and take back into the present, seen wandering the Dino Institute in Security Camera footage seen on monitors in the attraction's unloading area.

It's likely that the roles of Eema and Baylene were inspired by British comic duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, respectively.

A mother Iguanodon watches over her nest. A young Parasaurolophus wanders up and looks into the nest, but the mother shoos it away. When the young reptile disturbs a large Carnotaurus hiding in a nearby forest, the whole herd of dinosaurs is sent running away from it, Gallimimus, Edmontosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus and such. One Pachyrhinosaurus is unable to escape and is devoured. During the chaos, the Carnotaurus tramples most of the Iguanodon's eggs, leaving only one still intact. The surviving egg, stolen by a number of other dinosaurs, eventually ends up on Lemur Island, an island inhabited by, as its name suggests, lemurs and a gigantic flightless bird the Gastornis. A baby Iguanodon soon emerges from the egg, to the fear of some and the delight of others among the tiny mammals. The lemurs are initially cautious about the dinosaur, but they nonetheless raise him, giving him the name Aladar. Not long after Aladar has grown up, a tremendous meteoroid falls from the sky during a Lemur mating ceremony, landing in the ocean. The resulting fiery shockwave destroys Lemur Island and kills the Gastornis. Aladar escapes with Plio, his mother-figure and mother of Aladar's adoptive siblings, Zini and Suri, and his grandfather-figure, Yar, by jumping into the ocean. They wash up on shore to find that they are supposedly the last of the lemurs.

Aladar and the four surviving lemurs go in search of a new home and eventually wander into a desert. They are soon attacked by a pack of Velociraptor but are rescued when a multispecies herd of dinosaurs crosses their path, scaring the Velociraptors away. The herd is heading for their traditional breeding grounds, believed to have been spared from the meteoroid's blast. Aladar joins the herd, despite Yar's protests, and befriends the elderly Eema (Styracosaurus), Baylene (An elderly Brachiosaurus), and their pet Edmontonia Url. Kron, the leader of the herd, is a merciless Iguanodon with a strong belief in a Social Darwinism-like philosophy, wherein only those who can survive on their own power deserve to live. These beliefs are shared by his henchman Bruton. This causes strong tension between Kron and the more compassionate Aladar, which is only complicated by Aladar's instant attraction to Neera, Kron's sister – the first female of his kind that he has ever seen. Aladar and Neera's relationship is initially strained because of Zini's honest but ineffective efforts to help Aladar win her affections.
A statue of Aladar in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Later, when the herd arrives at the watering hole that they have relied on for past voyages only to find it empty, Kron orders the herd to move on, despite Neera's protests. Eema, growing weak of thirst, enters the empty lake bed. Aladar and Baylene follow her, and Aladar notices something is out of place about Baylene's footsteps. After digging, they find tons of water trapped beneath the sand. He recalls the herd with a loud cry, and Kron is the first one to arrive, thanking Aladar before telling him to go away and attacking all who try and drink the water before him. Nevertheless, Neera becomes infatuated with Aladar and the two begin to develop a positive bond when he teaches two young orphaned Iguanodons that Neera looks after, and later, Neera, how to get water.

Bruton, who had temporarily left the herd along with a scout Iguanodon to search for water in the dry lake bed, returns alone mortally wounded after being attacked by a Carnotaur who has already killed his scout. He warns Kron that there are in fact two Carnotaurs pursuing the herd, saying that the predators have been driven from their normal hunting grounds by the meteor), and Aladar, the lemurs, and the elderly dinosaurs get left behind as the herd picks up the pace. Bruton is also left behind, unable to keep up due to his injuries, and Kron didn't even want him to come since he believes he led the Carnataurs to the herd. Aladar invites him to stay with the misfits and himself. Bruton at first is reluctant to embrace this new idea and philosophy of helping others, but his loyalty is proved when the predators attack the stragglers inside of a cave. Aladar gets dragged in the tail by one of the Carnotaurs, but Bruton saves him, telling him to help the lemurs and the misfits. Bruton fights both the Carnataurs, and during the fight he sacrifices himself by collapsing the cave, killing one of the Carnotaurs, though Aladar his friends assumed that they both died. As for the other Carnoataur, who breaks out from the rubble alive, but severly injured, it roars in anger, hoping to find and kill them for ruining its meal and killing its companion.

The group is trapped in the cave, and Aladar begins to mold into Kron's philosophy of survival-of-the-fittest after Bruton's death and his repeated failures, only to have his friends and family to rescue him from this dark outlook, telling him that Aladar's philosophy for helping others is the reason that they are all alive. With this in mind, the group escapes the cave by destroying a rock ledge blocking their exit, and to their suprise the exit leads to the nesting grounds. Once there, they see that the original route to the breeding grounds has been blocked by a landslide, leaving the herd without a way of entry. And even if the herd can manage to climb up the wall of rocks, they would face a sheer drop on the other side and none will survive. Aladar, shocked by this, leaves the nesting grounds to find the herd and tell Kron of the alternate route. On his way, he discovers that the remaining Carnotaur is close on the trail of the herd. Aladar discovers that the herd is following the leader, Kron, in a perilous attempt to scale the wall into the breeding grounds. Aladar tells them of his discovery, but Kron refuses to listen. Instead, he attacks Aladar, furious that his authority has been questioned and challenged. The two fight, until Kron knocks Aladar into a nearby rock. As Kron goes in for the kill, he is knocked down by Neera, who is tired of his cruel beliefs. Neera helps Aladar to his feet. Together Aladar and Neera lead the herd away from Kron and towards the exit of the canyon. Stubborn as ever, Kron, having lost the leadership of the herd, attempts to climb the wall alone, refusing to submit to the leadership of another.

Suddenly, the surviving Carnotaur comes round the rocks and corners the herd. The hungry carnivore charges, but is discouraged from a meal when the entire herd (led by Aladar) stays together as opposed to scattering like it hoped. The herd puts up loud calls at the Carnotaur without any act of cowardice, forcing it into a corner to let the herd pass away from it for good. The Carnotaur was about to give up on its hunt until it spots Kron climbing the wall, and moves to attack him. Neera and Aladar follow to save Kron. Upon reaching the top of the rocks and spotting the shear drop on the other side, Kron realizes he is now cornered by the predator. Kron charges into battle; for a moment he manages to hold his, but in the last minute, he is bitten by the Carnotaur and thrown hard against the rocks. The Carnotaur closes in to kill Kron, but is stalled as Neera and Aladar come to the cliffside. In the fight that follows, the Carnotaur gains the upper hand by knocking Neera and Aladar out of its way, but Aladar gets back up and knocks it to the edge of a cliff, which starts to break as being unable to hold the theropod's heavy weight and the Carnotaur plummets down the cliff. The Carnotaur desperately tries to drag Aladar with it, but instead leaves Aladar with a bite on his back, and Aladar saves himself by holding on to what's left of the edge of the cliff while the Carnotaur falls down on the rocky grounds to its death. Neera goes to Kron's aid but it is too late, as Kron has already died from his wounds. Aladar takes over as the new leader and leads the herd through the cave into the nesting grounds, where the lemurs also find that they are not the last of their kind, and that there are lemurs in the nesting grounds. Zini finally gets a mate, Suri gets new friends and the lemurs have a new tree like the old one. This one has a lake for the lemurs to drink and swim. The movie ends with one of Neera and Aladar's eggs hatching, showing the lemurs and dinosaurs' peaceful life in the valley. Plio's voice can be heard above the jubilant bellows of nesting mothers, saying, "None of us really know what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain; our journey is not over. We can only hope that, in some small way, our time here will be remembered."


The film featured a wide variety of prehistoric animals from various time periods and geographic region living alongside one another (the film is set in North America during the Cretaceous). For example, the film includes Longisquama from the Triassic of central Asia, and Velociraptor, Proceratops, Talarurus, Microceratus, and Oviraptor from the late-Cretaceous of Mongolia. Several animals featured in the film hail from the early Cretaceous, such as the North American/European Iguanodon, Utahraptor, and the Australian Koolasuchus, or from the late Jurassic, like the brachiosaur and the Stegosaur. Many featured dinosaurs existed only at the very end of the Cretaceous in North America, such as the Pachyrhinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Struthiomimus, Stygimoloch, Giganotosaurus, Ichthyornis, Sarcosuchus and Pteranodon. The Carnotaurus also lived in that period, but in South America (though in the context of the film, characters note that the latter "have never gone this far north before"). The giant dragonfly Meganeura lived during the Carboniferous Period, 160 million years before Iguanodon. Though primates existed in the late Cretaceous, lemurs did not exist until the early Cenozoic Era. The lemurs were added for entertainment's sake, as the filmmakers claimed that mammals existing in the Mesozoic Era were "hideous".

Many of the animals in the film also bore anatomical inaccuracies. For example, there is strong evidence to suggest that both Oviraptor and Velociraptor had plumage. In fact, the initial designs depicted the Velociraptor and Oviraptor with feathers. However, due to time, technical, and budget restrictions, they ended up featherless. The animators also found it too difficult to animate beaks as mouths, and decided to give the Iguanodon lips, turning their beaks into teeth. The Iguanodon were also shown galloping when they ran; this would have been very difficult to do, as their spine was very inflexible vertically. Several dinosaurs, including Styracosaurus and Carnotaurus, were not as large as the film depicted. The Carnotaurus were re-sized for entertainment's sake, being closer in size to larger theropods like Tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs like Torosaurus, Anatotitan, and Quetzalcoatlus. In reality, they were smaller than Iguanodon (and half their weight), and less bulky than depicted in the film. Longisquama could not fly as it did in the film, though some have suggested it could glide or parachute from trees. Also, grass evolved after the Mesozoic Era, unlike in the movie.

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