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Who We Are

We’re a dynamic, innovative, knowledgeable team with many years of experience behind us and an exceptional product in Wall Street Survivor™ at the forefront. We are committed to developing an online trading simulation experience that captivates traders worldwide and being recognized as the global leader in this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

Our mission was to design and create the Rolls Royce of simulators in Wall Street Survivor™ and set the standard as the ultimate, interactive online trading and investment portal for our Survivor members. As a result, Wall Street Survivor™ allows traders to get in the driver’s seat and manage their own fantasy stock portfolios while competing risk-free against friends, peers, colleagues and other players for the chance to win the most lucrative cash prizes on the web.

Wall Street Survivor™ aims to help traders of all levels master the market by executing trades in real-time, take charge of their financial future by sharpening their investment skills and strategies while competing in highly entertaining contests.

Wall Street Survivor™ offers exclusive features and unique personalization levels through a collaborative social network platform, where members can exchange valuable strategies with an extensive and dynamic community of financial traders, peers and friends.

As a Survivor member, you’ll gain access to our new and improved Research Center where you can select and review a vast array of personalized market data, charts, earnings calendar, a Watchlist, as well as news and other research tools that will help you broaden your market knowledge and confidence so you can make informed trading and investment decisions.

Wall Street Survivor™ is a product of Stock-Trak Group, Inc. (OTCBB: STKG)

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The Skinny

On Wallstreet Survivor you can trade all the stocks that the real Wallstreet offers. You can buy long, which means you keep it and pray it goes up in price. You can buy short, which is a misconception on the word BUY. Short buying means you actually borrow the stock and sell it off. The you pray the price goes down. When it has you need to cover that stock, but you pay the lower price and therefore make a profit form a stock that went down from your short price. Those are the basics that can get you started trading for run and education.

How it all plays out

They start you off with $100,000 to buy your stocks with and each trade you make cost you $10. You have a $25,000 limit on each stock you can buy and each trade earns you 50 loyalty points. Posting on the message board there will also gain you 200 loyalty points. Presumably there will be a survivor store where you can spend your points in, but it is not up yet. The site is a lot of fun and can be an educational tool you can use to trade stocks for real if that is your choosing. Based on how your stocks do you are ranked against everyone else on the site, with the top 10 winning prizes for each game. A game usually runs approx. 2 months. There are prizes given out for many things with Daily and Weekly winners as well.

The rest of the Story

You can win REAL CASH there while you learn how to trade stocks. The people there are pretty cool, from young to old, male and female and as every other place on the Internet or the real world there are a few that you would not give the time of day too. Don't let that stop you from checking it out though. I enjoy belonging to the site and although I am ranked 3165 I have had a blast learning stocks and trying different ways to make my portfolio there grow. The simple fact it is FREE to join is enough of an incentive to at least check it out. Another good reason to be on a site such as Wallstreet Survivor is you can learn how it all works and get an understanding of how different world events affect stock prices.

Why Wait? Get Into The Game Today!

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