About Using Allah Name on Church is Jewish Plan, Guna Nama Allah Perancangan Yahudi

About Using Allah Name on Church is Jewish Plan
Guna Nama Allah Perancangan Yahudi







Assalamualaikum w.b.t….


Brother & sisters..

Just want to share something with you all…

Think carefully for our next future generations…

Remember the quote "to see the future of nation just look at their youth @ youngster…

What their done is the mirror of what will happen in future…."

So what happen now give big implication on our next generation…


It's a story about using Allah as same word as other God which in Christian they believe Jesus is the son of God.

So, the Malaysian Christian (which I believe only some of them) currently claim that the word Allah not only belong to Muslim but also for them..

For me, it's really sad they can't even simplest thing & hurt Malaysian people really bad…

After many decade we Malay Muslim had sacrifice a lot for the others Malaysian (neither race or religion) in the name of unity but right now when it relate to 'Aqidah' & purity of Islam religion it's really too much….

I don't want our past mistake happen again & again…..

I believe this part of the Jewish plan.

So to all Muslim, please come unite & protect our beloved religion & country….

P/S : Here I attached some interesting photo that may open any Muslim eye regarding this matter….

So, please don't say in the name of democracy, or whatever…..




What the kids will think after this if Allah can be seen at church like this??

It'll make them confuse like 'we can pray Allah at church' or 'Allah has more than one'???

What will happen next??



This already happen in East Malaysia , so please do something before its spread here…




Don't wait until it happen like in Indonesia which lot of confusion like this….

That time 'Murtad' is normal & can't be stop anymore….

Again, to all my Muslim friend lets unite and face this for sake of our future…


Allahuakbar!!  Allahuakbar!!  Allahuakbar!!







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