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 pizza discount









  pizza discount

Subject: 25 % Off A'la Carte Pizza (Including Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza), Pasta and Rice Coupon


Dear Lin,


We will have a joint promo with GUARDIAN starting on 28th January 2010 (Thursday) – 28th February 2010 (Sunday).





STARTING DATE: 28TH January 2010

EXPIRED DATE: 28TH February 2010.


THE PROMOTION: 25% off A'la Carte Pizza (Including Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza), Pasta and Rice Coupon



Terms & Conditions


  • Valid for both Dine-In & TAKE-AWAY only.
  • Voucher is valid from 28th January – 28th February 2010 at all Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia except at KLCC and Genting Highlands. The "Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown" pizza is only available from 5th February – 28th February 2010.
  • Voucher must be presented at point of redemption
  • Voucher is not transferable and exchangeable for cash
  • One coupon is valid for ONE redemption per receipt basis.
  • Price subject to 5% Government tax and 10 % service charge where applicable.



You can refer the file attached for more info.


Please provide to me the visual of the pounching sequence by today or tomorrow.


Thank you.






Marketing Executive
Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Tel : 03-2026 3388 Ext 626

Fax : 03-20268333 / 03-27327725

Email :


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